Fruits, Nuts and Berries

Are bananas berries?


Analysis of my favorite cocktails

Herd immunity

Simulations investigating herd immunity with heterogeneous infectiousness

Slate Star Codex 2020 survey

Analysing the survey answers of this highly select sample

Fantasy Premier League

Forecasting FPL player scores

Immigration patterns

Education level of immigrants to Europe and US

How to transform your data

Why you should use the Yeo-Johnson transformation

Taleb is wrong about IQ

Investigation of Talebs claims about IQ using real data.

Assortative mating

Assortative mating on years of education.

The strategy of the Plinketto board

Exploring how best to use the Redlettermedia movie selection tool to your advantage.

The Riddler

Riddles from 538's The Riddler solved with programming

Blind auditions and gender discrimination

A seminal paper from 2000 investigated the impact of blind auditions in orchestras, and found that they increased the proportion of women in symphony orchestras. I investigate the study, and find that there is no good evidence presented.


Some explorations of music: Taste of music critics vs the public. Most acclaimed years of music. When did rock music die?

Gender bias in blinded review

A study finds that men use more broad language, and that women are unfairly discriminated against for this reason. I look into this study.

Pet names

Which names are more cat-like, dog-like, and human-like?

Increasing sexlessness

The General Social Survery has questions about sexual frequency. I investigate the increase in number of people who do not have any sex, and the relationship with the decline in marriage rates.

Regression to the mean

Analysis of regression to the mean in children of exceptional parents

Political orientation of western media

A comparison of the voting patterns of journalists compared to the general public

Crime and immigration in Germany

Analysis based on the official crime stats going back to 2002.

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